TTTheatre was founded by Sarah Louise Chitty in December 2014. The whole idea began at first with Sarah asking some of her friends (several from other musical theatre societies in Southampton, and some friends from University) to be involved in a cabaret style show she wanted to organise. She picked the songs, arranged them for the voices involved, choreographed dances and produced the show, resulting in the hugely popular 'Showtime Variations, with Sarah Louise Ellard and friends' (this was before she got married!) which was put on at the Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham on Saturday 22nd November 2015.


Following all the positive comments from friends and family, and the huge enjoyment felt by all those involved in the show, Sarah simply could not leave it as just the one show. It is her aim in life to own her own theatre and theatre school, so why not start the ball rolling now she thought. With the help of the current members of the, firstly nameless, theatre group, the name TTTheatre was born. The TTs before theatre stand for 'Triple Threat Theatre' which means that the theatre group shows off the 3 main performing arts talents: Singing, acting and dancing.


TTTheatre became a 'pop up musical theatre company' when Sarah ended up moving from Southampton to Oxfordshire in 2016 and it continued for a few more years with help from some friends still based in Southampton. Sarah then had a break from organising theatre for a while (to get married, start a new choir business 'Vocalize', start a few new teaching jobs and have a baby - so not exactly a break!) but it is now back and based in Didcot (South Oxfordshire). Members are based all over the county from Oxford, Drayton, Didcot, Witney, Abingdon, Wallingford, Harwell and Wantage. There aren't regular rehearsals for TTTheatre as the perk of it being a pop up theatre company means that they only meet in the lead up to a show, so it's less of a long term commitment than most theatre companies. This also means that most concerts /shows are one offs and at the moment, we are focusing on covering a wide array of musical theatre and dance styles in compilation shows and concerts and trying to get as many people involved as possible.


TTTheatre are always looking for more people to join their ranks, especially for our upcoming compilation show on Sunday 21st June 2020. So if you are a fantastic singer, sensational dancer or an awesome actor (or all 3!), then please get in touch by sending an email to Sarah on sarahlouisechitty@hotmail.com and subscribing to our mailing list.


Founder, Musical Director/Choreographer/Producer



Since graduating from Southampton University in 2011, Sarah has been working as a singing, piano and music theory teacher alongside conducting many choirs.  She has always been a keen performer and has thoroughly enjoyed meeting other like-minded people through her theatre company.

TTTheatre Company members

from the Southampton branch 2015-16

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