20th - 21st May 2016 

Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Totton


Musical Director: Sarah Louise Ellard    

Director: Suzanna Tompkins    

Choreographer: Jayne Ann Stephens    

Producer: Sarah Louise Ellard


TTTheatre Fundraiser


Saturday 30th January 2016

Wildern School Hall, Hedge End


Musical Director / Producer: Sarah Louise Ellard

Choreographer: Jayne Ann Stephens



19th - 21st November 2015

Ashcroft Arts Centre Theatre, Fareham


Musical Director: Natasha Willis Denton

Producer: Sarah Louise Ellard

Choreographer: Jayne Ann Stephens

Director: Emma Boniface



29th - 30th May 2015

Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham


Producer/MD/Choreographer: Sarah Louise Ellard

Choreographer: Sarah Scorer

Director: Emma Boniface



22nd November 2014

Ashcroft Arts Centre Theatre, Fareham


Producer/MD/Choreographer: Sarah Louise Ellard

Choreographer: Elle Wolf

Director: Peter 'Peewee' Ward

"Just wanted to say just how much I enjoyed your show. What a talented group of young people you are. It was a delight to be there." Geraldine Smith

"Great show! We loved it! You definitely need to do some more shows!"

Darryl Sherborne.


"We really enjoyed your show, it was great. My 16 year old daughter really liked the songs. You are and have very talented friends. Thank you for asking us along." Diane Pressley.

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show yesterday. My 9yr old Grandson was with me, and he thoroughly enjoyed it, he made me promise to get tickets if you put on another show. I especially enjoyed Chiquitita, and the Lion King numbers. Well done! It was fabulously entertaining."Sharon Parker

Review of Show Far, Show Good from The Daily Echo - Karen Robson


Founded last year, TTTheatre is a group that provides opportunities for those trained in singing, dancing or acting to showcase their talents. Their latest production, which contained material from seven different musicals - ranging from Matilda to Cabaret - and mixing musical styles, monologues, drama and dance, really was the perfect way to show off this multi-talented company.


The show was fast paced, with a well considered balance of material and nicely directed scenes. There were some interesting and innovative interpretations of songs: three Sally Bowles performing the song Cabaret added a fascinating additional dimension to the number.


This was a cast of talent and experience who threw themselves into the joy of performance with great gusto. While the standard overall was very high, certain performers deserve particular mention, so take an additional bow Sarah Louise Ellard, Natasha Willis Denton and Dave Smith. It was indeed good so far.

"That was an amazing show. I loved it. Especially the songs from Ghost, the room went electric." Alison Booth.